Caring for an aging loved one can be challenging, and managing medication is one of those of the biggest challenges.

A caregiver wears many hats and unfortunately we are often thrust into unlicensed territory. All of the sudden we become physician’s, nurses, pharmacists, therapists, nurse assistants, and advocates. In reality all we really want to do is provide the best care for our loved one and go back to a simpler time when “mom” was mom “dad” was dad, and “grandpa” knew our name.

Imagine coming into your loved ones home only to find that all of their prescription pill bottles are on the table next to their reclining chair. Lids are off, some prescriptions are lose on the table, and the weekly medication reminder container has all of the medications in them for Monday and Tuesday, but Wednesday and Thursdays are missing. No worries except its Monday and your loved one has dementia! Panic sets in because you are not sure what medication has been ingested or if any medication has been taken at all.

So what do we do? How can we safely and effectively manage medication? The answer varies depending on the situation. There are a variety of in home options, but in the end the caregiver still assumes responsibility of the situation. There may be a point when it becomes clear that despite our best efforts to keep our loved one at home, it is no longer safe, so we must look at other options.

Assisted living can be an answer. Residents in Assisted Living have individual apartments that can be decorated with furniture from home. All Assisted Livings have services that can be individualized and include medication management.

Imagine going to visit the same loved one and knowing that their medication is safely stored in a medication cart and administered on the appropriate day at the appropriate time by a trained individual. Imagine being able to visit your loved one without the stress and worry of being their primary care giver. Assisted Living can help make this a reality!

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